October 21 2014, 10pm

  • FNAF fandom: It would be awesome if you could light up where the cameras are!
  • Scott Cawthon: *Adds switches to light up some of the areas where the cameras are at*
  • FNAF fandom: So I heard Bonnie got disabled, it would be so creepy if it were still animated and will attack you
  • Scott Cawthon: Great idea! *Makes disabled Bonnie a moving character*
  • FNAF fandom: What if it actually showed you suddenly being shoved in a suit?
  • Scott Cawthon: Sweet! *Shows the outline of you being put into a fazzbear's Freddy suit when you die*
  • FNAF fandom: What if Foxy actually jumped out at you?
  • Scott: Nice one! *Puts door right where the cameras would be and makes foxy run and jump at you*
  • FNAF fandom: Oh my god the doors take up so much power.
  • Scott Cawthon: Kay. *Removes doors*
  • FNAF Fandom: No ThATs NOT WhAt WE MeaNT OH MY GOD

October 21 2014, 7pm


When you and your party enter a room and find a high level monster: